Gakuoh PSE

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Gakuoh PSE  es un amplificador mono de  300 B  20w/20w. Diseñados por Mr. Kondo cuando era presidente de la compañía y diseñador de los productos. Creó Gakuoh en los años 2000/2001. Gakuoh PSE fue desarrollada como respuesta de las demandas del mercado.



Descripción del Producto

Gakuoh PSE  is a 300 B mono amplifiers 20w/20w  are mono amplifiers that comes from the era of Mr. Kondo being President of the company and Chief designer, he created the Gakuoh in the early 2000/2001. The PSE version was developed answering the market requests.

They have diferent circuits and transformers but  they shared all the house made components and techniques of Kondo company.

All using silver capacitors, silver leads resistors, silver speaker binding posts, silver internal wiring etc
Output transformers are both using silver windings, which is one of the most important contributions of KONDO sound image.
Gakuoh PSE has a more elegant presentation than the Gakuoh who has more power (28/28).
Both models are almost no change at circuit from the 1st generation.
There are of course some changes with time and upgrades with more reliable components such as resistors.
Power transformers are also changed from very long ago Tango to today’s KONDO own designs.
(The new power transformers are confirmed to be even better sounding by our partners and customers)
The matching preamp we are now recommending G-70, or G-1000 for prestige system.
Product 300B Parallel Single Ended monaural poweramplifier
Rated power 20W @1kHz, 5% THD
Frequency response 30Hz ~ 55kHz (+0dB, -3dB @1W)
Input / Impedance 1pc (RCA, unbalanced) / 100kΩ
Noise Less than 1mV
Vacuum tube 300B x2, 6072 x1, 5687 x2, GZ34 x1
Power consumption 160W
Dimension 280mm(W) 200mm(H) 460mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 31kg


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