Calypso Line Stage

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Aesthetix Calypso es un previo de linea a válvulas utilizable tanto en equipos de audio como de cine en casa.Circuitería balanceada pura tanto a entrada como salida e incluye un balance interno para los terminales single-ended.


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Calypso is an all-tube linestage suitable for audio and home cinema systems. Fully balanced circuitry from input to output, including internal balancing of single-ended inputs, results in common mode signal rejection and cleaner sound. The innovative discrete switched resister volume control maximizes resolution at any listening level. Every input is both single-ended and balanced for greater versatility. Home theatre bypass mode, absolute phase setting and full function remote are added conveniences. The all-aluminum chassis is rigid, acoustically inert and simply beautiful.

  • Fully balanced differential circuitry with ability to internally balance a single ended input signal.
  • Zero feedback.
  • Discrete switched resistor volume control with 88 1dB steps.
  • All tube amplification and output (4 tubes total).
  • Two sets of XLR and two sets of RCA outputs per channel.
  • Bypass mode for home theatre processor throughput.
  • Absolute phase, selectable via front panel or remote control.
  • Full function remote included.
  • Available in black or silver faceplate.

Calypso is available in two versions: Standard and Signature.

The standard version uses high-grade Rel-Cap polypropylene coupling capacitors. The Signature version uses exotic and expensive coupling capacitors and other critical parts to bring the performance to a higher level.



The Signature version uses custom-made inter-stage Teflon hybrid coupling capacitors, replacing the polypropylene units, between the gain stage and output stage (2 per channel). The change in these capacitors results in higher resolution, extension, less grain and more air. The 2uF output coupling capacitors (4 per channel) are replaced with 4uF Dynamicaps. This change provides more drive, bass extension, resolution and dynamics while also reducing grain. Highly specialized adjustable air-core capacitors, used primarily in the radio-frequency realm, are installed and adjusted to “tweak” each unit to a rigid standard. The five rubber feet are replaced with Harmonic Resolutions Systems’ Nimbus Couplers specially made for Aesthetix (Earlier Signature Saturn pieces did not incorporate this, please contact Aesthetix for this free upgrade if you have an earlier Signature piece without the Nimbus Couplers). This change results in a lower noise floor and more air and space. The cost of these specialized parts alone is about 1/4 the manufacturing cost of a brand new unit! Any tubes that can be bettered by our special stock of graded and matched tubes are replaced. Any other improvements needed to make the unit current are installed, including software updates, etc. A new lens with “SIGNATURE” stenciled is installed. Each Signature unit undergoes rigorous test procedures and listening.


First phase: Internal changes to the Calypso start with .22uF / 600v Stealth coupling capacitors used between the gain stage and output stage. Four total of these exotic capacitors are used.

There are four 2uF / 400v coupling capacitors used in each channel of the output stage of the Calypso. In the Eclipse version, these are replaced with Stealth copper foil 4uF/400v, improving low frequency response.

Second phase: High frequency tuning capacitors are installed and hand-adjusted to tailor the frequency response to a tight .1dB standard (as also found on our Signature version).

Third phase: The high voltage transformer, heater transformer and high voltage choke are all re-installed on isolation mounts. Harmonic Resolutions Systems’ Nimbus Couplers specially made for Aesthetix replace the four rubber feet of standard units (as also found on our Signature version). The new power supply is installed with enhanced ventilation. Additional damping material is added to key chassis points.

Fourth phase: A single point ground system is used to ground the transformer cases as they are no longer electrically grounded to the chassis via physical contact due to their isolation mounts. All Eclipse Rhea, Calypso and Janus units receive a new power supply, which has been refined by improved trace routing to further reduce extraneous noise.


Inputs: 5 line RCA or XLR (balanced), plus 1 tape, RCA or XLR
Outputs: 2 RCA (SE) and XLR (balanced), 1 tape RCA
Line level gain: 23 dB single ended (SE), in/out, and 29 dB balanced/out
Volume control: switched resistor network volume control with 88 1 dB steps
Front panel controls: main input, tape input select, volume, balance, phase, mute, display, and bypass
Remote controls: main input, tape input select, volume, balance, phase, mute, display, bypass and standby
Frequency response: +- 0.25 dB, 20 Hz – 20 Khz
Signal to noise: measured at 70 dB minimum, A-weighted (ref 1 mv input, 75 dB gain setting)
Line input impedance: 40 k ohms SE, 80 k ohms balanced
Maximum line input: 3.5 volts SE, 7.0 volts RMS balanced
Output impedance: 1K ohms SE, 600 ohms balanced
Recommended amplifier load: 10K ohms or greater (SE), 20K ohms or greater (Balanced)
Tubes, each channel: (line section) V1 (12AX7 or equivalent), V2 (6922/6DJ8)
Power consumption: 20 watts standby, 60 watts active
Physical dimensions: 4 3/8″ high, 17 7/8″ wide, 18″ deep including jacks
Shipping weight: 40 lbs.

Specifications subject to improvement or change without notice.

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…this preamp, in this system, brings a magic to the music I have been searching for.” -Paul McGowan, CEO and Co-Founder of PS Audio in his blog PS Tracks (August 2013) read post


Speed and detail… highs without a glint of shrillness… low noise floor… hours of glorious, fatigue-free listening.” –The Absolute Sound High-End Audio Buyers Guide (Spring 2013, CALYPSO and JANUS SIGNATURE)


The sound is huge in scale and reach. Stereo imaging is among the widest we’ve ever heard, and lacks for nothing in precision or intimacy. Add the exceptional build quality and you have one of the finest pre/power amps that money can buy.” –What Hi-Fi? (UK, 2012, CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage and ATLAS MONO amplifiers), “30 Stunning Stereo Amps”


Natural, sophisticated and accurate sound.” –Như DũngSồhóa (Vietnam, 2012, CALYPSO linestage), read review

Nghe Nhìn (Vietnam, 2011): CALYPSO linestage

HiFi+ Guide to The Crème de la Crème (UK, 2011): CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award (2010): CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage

The Absolute Sound Product of the Year (2003): CALYPSO linestage


The Calypso Signature is in a different league, its lack of musical constriction, character or emphasis allowing it to perform just as a great linestage should – almost invisibly” -Roy Gregory, HiFi Plus (UK, 2011, CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage), download PDF (4 MB)


The sheer all-round ability of the Signature means its not too fussy about partners…Calypso will gladly uncover astonishing levels of detail and impressive scale.“- What Hi-Fi? “5 Stars” (UK, 2011, CALYPSO SIGNATURE)


…characterized by extremely wide dynamics, with an effortlessness in reproducing dynamic shadings along a continuum… transparency and detail resolution are first-rate… competes with the megabuck preamps… musically stunning and beautifully built.” -Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Award (2005-2011, CALYPSO and CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage)


A beautifully built, smartly designed, crisply functioning, versatile, and sonically brilliant preamplifier.” –Stereophile Class A Recommended Component: CALYPSO and CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage


+9.5 LPs – “extreme lack of noise and distortion offers natural detail and harmonics to be heard to the limits of the recording… a wonderful feeling of rhythm and flow…” – (2011, CALYPSO SIGNATURE linestage),read review


Arguably the most natural-sounding preamp for this money” –What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Magazine “Five Stars” (UK, 2008, CALYPSO linestage), read review


one of the most enjoyable, musically satisfying preamplifiers I have had the pleasure of reviewing” -Michael Fremer Stereophile (2005, CALYPSO SIGNATURE), read review


Calypso provides the kind of performance that you just won’t hear with anything else anywhere near its price point, and it’s better than many things that cost twice as much.” -Shane Buettner, Audio Perfectionist Journal(2003, CALYPSO linestage), download PDF (1/2 MB)

Introducing Saturn Eclipse Edition


The Eclipse edition is the next evolution of our industry standard Saturn Series of components. Our all-tube Rhea phono stage, Calypso line stage, and Janus full function preamp were introduced in 2002. The Atlas power amps, a hybrid design featuring an octal base tube input with bi-polar output stages, followed in 2007. Our Saturn Series digital source components are the Pandora DAC and Romulus DAC/CD Player, which recently was awarded the International Press 2015 Award. Aesthetix components all share the attributes of outstanding electrical and mechanical engineering with special attention to Power Supply design, making them the ideal platform for pushing the sonic envelope. The Eclipse upgrades consist of the use of new exotic Stealthcap™ capacitors; electrical upgrades including hand-tuned capacitors, super-matched output devices and distributed node technology; advanced mechanical chassis isolation; and sophisticated electrical signal grounding in the power supply. First Phase The first phase of the Eclipse upgrade incorporates numerous Stealthcap™ capacitors in critical interstage and output coupling functions, tailored specifically for Aesthetix Eclipse. Famous for his line of super audio grade components, the StealthCap from Peter Moncrief is tailored exclusively for use in the Saturn Series. Using radical new Stealth Technology™ (patents pending), these caps use exotic new conductors, dielectrics, and exotic composite resins to dramatically reduce reflections. A typical capacitor behaves like a long plate, and the signal’s many reflections off the boundaries of this long plate can cause numerous echoes that mask your music. An excellent example of this is when you stand at one end of a gymnasium floor and your friend stands at the other end. When speaking, the two of you can hardly understand what the other one is saying. Why? The multiple reflections from the gym’s boundaries garble the sonic message. As we speak more loudly and dynamically, the problem gets more pronounced. The same reflection problem happens in all typical capacitors. StealthCap™ cures this reflection problem as the electromagnetic wave that carries your music signal throughout the long capacitor plate is similar to the electromagnetic wave we call radar. The new Stealth Technology in StealthCap™ dramatically reduces corrupting signal reflections in the capacitor plate, just as stealth technology in an aircraft dramatically reduces radar signal reflections. These capacitors bring your Saturn equipment to new levels of performance. With our Eclipse versions, you’ll notice the incredible intertransient silence and the very quiet black background. Lesser capacitors, plagued by internal reflections, add a haze of noise to what should be a black, quiet background. Experience the amazing transparency of StealthCap™, revealing a wealth of subtle musical information and reproducing rich spatial imaging that you never heard before from your recordings. Hear every musical note and and its transient envelope come into clear focus and articulation with the StealthCap™. StealthCap’s focused, tactile coherence gives you a new level of musical realism. You’ll enjoy the stunning musical dynamics of StealthCap , the cumulative impact of reducing background noise and enhancing focus, fully capturing the recording’s micro-dynamics. Second Phase The second phase of the Eclipse upgrade consists of electrical upgrades to the signal path and output stages. In the preamplifiers, high frequency tuning capacitors are installed and handadjusted to tailor the frequency response to a tight .1dB standard. The Atlas power amps feature super-matched output devices, lowering certain output stage distortion components by as much as 40dB. In every version of the Atlas, each Bi-polar output device (16 per channel) is supplied power through a copper bus bar design, radically reducing impedance compared to standard circuit board traces. In the Eclipse version, Distributed node film capacitors are added at each output device, further reducing impedance for increased current capacity and improved transient capability. Third Phase The third phase of the Eclipse upgrade addresses mechanical isolation and heat dissipation. In previous versions, the transformers are mounted directly on the chassis through a damping material. In the Eclipse version, the transformers are isolated from the chassis using specially designed isolation mounts, dramatically reducing the amount of mechanical vibration introduced into the chassis. Damping material is added at critical chassis points, particular with large surface areas, which reduces noise added to the system due to airborne or mechanical sources. All Eclipse Rhea, Calypso and Janus units receive a new power supply, with improvements in heat dissipation capability, overvoltage and spike protection. The casework changes bring the preamps to new levels of articulation and clarity. It also allows each piece to ventilate better, improving longevity and reliability. All Eclipse Rhea, Calypso, Janus, Romulus and Pandora units feature Harmonic Resolutions Systems’ Nimbus Couplers specially made for Aesthetix replacing the four rubber feet of standard units. This upgrade, also found on our Signature units, results in a lower noise floor and more air and space around the instruments. Fourth Phase The fourth phase of the Eclipse upgrade is sophisticated electrical signal grounding in the power supply. Since the transformers are no longer electrically grounded to the chassis via physical contact due to their isolation mounts, a single point ground system is now used to ground the transformer cases, significantly reducing the amount of ground induced noise. All Eclipse Rhea, Calypso and Janus units receive a new power supply, which has been refined by improved trace routing to further reduce extraneous noise.  Current Saturn Series products are factory upgradable. All Eclipse Edition products are shipping now.

Calypso 6.800,00
Calypso Signature 8.860,00
Calypso Eclipse 12.500,00

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