hORNS Atmosphere

5.750,00 €

Tal vez sea el monitor que todos buscamos, elegante, diseño envidiable y un sonido equilibrado, abierto. con graves suficientes para salas de hasta 30 metros.  Están en audición en nuestras instalaciones.

hORNS Opera

22.000,00 €

La respuesta de Lukasz Lewandowsky para aquellos que quieren la exquisitez y liquedez de los hORNS en un recinto más clásico que las Universum II y a un precio más contenido


6.700,00 €

Our Mummies are professionally designed highly m6efficient  (96dB/1W/m, Z = 4 Ohm) 2 way speakers, built on the basis of carefully selected transducers. Once heard and seen can not be easy forgotten. And there is no return to boring and dull, standard hi-fi sound.


5.500,00 €

Made out of solid surface this offers the best price / performance ratio. The SEOS waveguide used is oblate spheroidal contour (property of Dr Earl Geddes) but with linearly changing super elliptical cross section. Both drivers used are made by  B&C. This type of speaker offers life like sound reproduction and should be toed in up to 45 degrees for stable imaging.


2.850,00 €

Similarly to FP – 15 appeared as a result of the further research on Seos waveguide and on demand of those who found F -10 perfect and asked for supplying same great desk monitors, bookshelves or top quality matching surround units for their home theater applications. So here we are and we are proud to have the smallest existing front horn loaded monitors in our offer to support our little SETs.


8.500,00 €

It’s  perfect match for all those flea power amplifiers around with its high efficiency and an outstanding dynamics and tonal balance. Top of the range FP – 15 is also available with Beryllium compression driver as an option.

Universum 3 mkII

32.500,00 €

This construction is adjusted to give a smooth, relaxed sound with lowest distortion possible even at the driver resonant frequency – thanks to JMLC horn contour. This design shows its best when is used with bi- or tri amping set up.