Atoll Integrated IN200se

1.815,00 €

– Symmetrical Output stages with discrete components
– Double pair of MOS-FET transistors on each channel
– Complete settings (from the front panel or with the remote control)of the balance and volume
– Direct access to each inputs from the front panel or with the remote control
– 5 Inputs (with 1 AUX. for optional board)
– By-pass input
– Headphones jack

Atoll Integrated IN30

480,00 €

« A real Hi-end Integrated, designed and entirely manufactured in France, at a really reasonable price close to 400 Euros : please welcome the entry line from ATOLL.
The IN30 directly emerged from the experience and background of our up-level models. It is a mix-up of all our savoir-faire for lovers of all kinds of music. »

Atoll Integrated IN300

3.390,00 €

– converter: AK4490: S/N: 120 dB dynamic 120dB.
– DSD: 2.8MHz and 5,6MHz.
– PCM from 16 bits to 32bits up to 384 kHz on USB (asynchronous).
– Up to 24Bits 192kHz on optical and coaxial.
– USB converter XMOS: XHRA-2HPA  with specific program for PCM and DSD specially developed for ATOLL.

Atoll Integrated IN400se

5.500,00 €

The concept of the IN400 rests on our aesthetic and technical approach dedicated to optimal musicality. In mechanical terms, chassis is made from 2 mm steel and the front of 10 mm aluminum. Lateral curved heatsinks are manufactured in massive aluminum blocks by a completely unique process. The original design of the cabinet has been studied to best absorb mechanical vibrations and ensure perfect heat dissipation.

Atoll Power Amplifier AM400

5.100,00 €

Technical Specs:

• Power :                 160 Wrms / channel / 8Ω
300 Wrms / channel / 4Ω
• Power on mono block :        600 Wrms / 8Ω

Esta etapa fácil de usar tanto en Stereo con 160 watios a 8 Ohmios como en Mono desarrollando 600 watios. Con componentes desarrollados específicamente para nosotros y con ocho transistores por canal.

Una gran potencia sin pérdida de musicalidad.

Atoll Preamplifier PR400

5.100,00 €

El preamplificador Atoll PR400 ha sido desarrollado para que combine un ancho de banda amplio y una fase perfecta. Uniendo estos dos principios conseguimos una inmersión total en la escena sonora y en la reproducción musical.

Desarrollar este concepto de la simetría rigurosa se traduce en una escena sonora perfecta, limpia, con separación entre instrumentos e intérpretes y un mayor disfrute de los detalles pequeños.

El PR400 nos sacará lo mejor de nuestras grabaciones.